Eating Disorders Recovery Program

Here at Noosa Confidential we have a strong track record in successfully treating clients with eating disorders through a proven functional medicine approach which integrates conventional medicine and natural therapies and treats the contributing factors behind the illness including genetics and digestive bacterial issues combined with mindset.You need to be ready and willing to change this behaviour and we can assist with the rest.

Like many health issues, eating disorders have more than one cause and can be triggered by stress,distorted beliefs, self esteem issues, biochemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies,bacterial imbalances,genetics as well as anxiety and depression.

Your Noosa Confidential team will help you develop a deeper understanding of the issues at play and guide you through the healing process. We will partner with you to help you gain control over this issue and reclaim your right to enjoy a healthy relationship with food as a source of nourishment and enjoyment for the long term.

Your one-on-one program will be designed specifically for you by a multidisciplinary team  and will incorporate support as needed in the areas of diet,pathology, mindset, exercise, mindfulness and psychotherapy just to name a few. Noosa Confidential provides you with intensive post-program support to arm you with all the tools you will need to flourish and continue to move forwards to a healthier future.If you are ready to get rid of this behaviour  please call or email us for more information.



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